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UN 2023 Water Conference: Reports by the IWA-Grundfos Youth Fellows Published

As IWA prepares for its upcoming Water and Development Congress & Exhibition and Emerging Water Leaders Forum on 10-14 December 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, we are thrilled to share some outstanding achievements of our Young Water Professionals.

Photo credits: UN Photos

UN-Water has published the Youth Reports of the UN 2023 Water Conference held on 22-24 March 2023.

The reports produced by the IWA-Grundfos ‘Youth Action for SDG6’ Fellows provide their personal insights and reflections on the events they attended during the UN Water Conference. The opinions and views expressed in the reports do not reflect the positions of the conference organisers and institutions involved in the conference.

The IWA-Grundfos Youth Fellows took centre stage in the development of these reports as rapporteurs of the in-person sessions, especially for the five Interactive Dialogues. Their participation showcased the potential of young leaders in participating in the global water dialogue to collectively address pressing challenges, as well as their aspiration to contribute to the discussion.

Some key takeaways on the UN 2023 Water Conference from the reports:

  • Youth Empowerment: The conference put the spotlight on the ingenious initiatives, research endeavours, and impactful projects that youth champions have spearheaded to tackle water-related issues.

  • Inclusive Dialogue: Through engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking sessions, the event provided a platform for diverse voices to contribute insights, ideas, and solutions.

  • Global Collaboration: Attendees witnessed the power of cross-border collaboration and the potential for transformative partnerships to drive positive change in water management.

  • Innovative Solutions: From groundbreaking technologies to visionary strategies, the conference showcased a plethora of innovative solutions with the potential to reshape the future of water.

For a comprehensive overview of the reports produced by the IWA-Grundfos Youth Fellows, please click here or download the documents attached to this page.

We invite you to stay connected on as we continue to build on the momentum generated by the UN Water Conference. Watch this space for more upcoming opportunities and initiatives showcasing young talent and solutions for a water-wise future.


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