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The Indonesian Government Invites Local and National Media to Promotethe 10th World Water Forum

Mass media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinions and raising awareness about various global issues, including water and sustainability. Given the pressing nature of these concerns and the limited availability of natural resources, collective action is essential to preserving our environment.

The upcoming 10th World Water Forum, co-hosted by Indonesia and the World Water Council in Bali, in May 2024, presents a unique opportunity for nations around the world to address the water-related challenges. Within this context, mass media serves as means of elevating public awareness to collectively support the forum’s mission of ‘Water for Shared Prosperity’.

Amplifying the 10th World Water Forum

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) invites active participation from local and national media to amplify the coverage of the 10th World Water Forum's proceedings.

During the Media Briefing of the 10th World Water Forum in Bali on August 9, 2023, Economic and Investment Advisor to the Minister of PUPR Dadang Rukmana emphasized the need for intensive publication and promotion across diverse media platforms to enhance public awareness of this international event.

Indonesia's role as the host of this prestigious international event is a fortunate testament to the government's efforts in sustainable water resource management.

Furthermore, the theme of the 10th World Water Forum, ‘Water for Shared Prosperity’ holds a significant relevance in today's global context, whereas the availability of clean water remains a challenge for many nations.

"Therefore, we expect the glorification and amplification of the 10th World Water Forum to resound from this moment onward, with the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, including the media under the coordination of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. This will ensure that Indonesia's substantial benefits as the host are maximally communicated to the public," stated Dadang.

International Media Center

Meanwhile, Usman Kansong, Director-General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo), affirmed that Kemkominfo, as the responsible institution for public communication of the 10th World Water Forum, is actively involved in establishing an internationally renowned media center to support the work of journalists.

The media center will operate from 2 days before until 1 day after the event. The provided facilities will include an international broadcasting hub, accommodations and dining areas, as well as press conference rooms.

Moreover, the Indonesian government estimated that around 2,000 national and international journalists will cover the upcoming 10th World Water Forum. The media registration is planned in early 2024, around March 2024, through the website


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